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Harmony Mails Features

Harmony Mails is the easiest way to promote your business to other entrepreneurs with it’s unique permission-based private inbox system! Here are the features that make Harmony Mails the most powerful and user-friendly platform:

Private Inbox

Every member has their own inbox inside their Harmony Mails account. Allowing you to keep your email inbox and your promo inbox separate.

Permission-based Platform

Members agree to receive messages from other members, which are only sent to their Harmony Mails inbox. Ensuring your message is seen by people who want to see it.

Messages Moderated

We don’t tolerate spam, adult subjects, black hat services, or deceptive or hateful messages. Mails are moderated to ensure your inbox stays safe and quality.

Useful Stats

Easily monitor your the stats of your account and your messages. Our stats are simple to follow and show you what you need to know.

More Than Mail

Harmony Mails offers other brand building and brand reinforcement tools and resources such as rich media-based promos.

Start for FREE

Unlike other platforms, you can actually use Harmony Mails for your promotional purposes starting for as little as $0. We also offer upgrades for serious promoters who are looking to get the most out of Harmony.

Sent Messages Log

Keep track of every mail you’ve sent using our “Sent Messages” feature. Easily compare the effectiveness of your different campaigns.

HTML Editor

Let your creative juices flow and create stunning email promotions with our beginner-friendly WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Save Messages as Templates

Got a design you really like? How about a message you’d like to tweak and send again? Easily save mails as templates you can use again and again!

Ease of Use, Ease of Mind

Harmony Mails was created with beginners in mind. Even if you’re not the most tech savvy, you can easily create and send your message.

Get Your Message Seen

The members of Harmony Mails are a community of service-based businesses, entrepreneurs, businesses looking to get online, bloggers, and others seeking to reach each other with promos, offers, and other messages.

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